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Dressing Michael Jackson by Michael Bush
Michael Bush Label

Note: the photographs on this website are intended to be representative but are not the photos included in the book.

THE KING OF STYLE: Dressing Michael Jackson previously had a working title of DRESSING MICHAEL JACKSON: Behind the Seams of a Fashion Icon, and is the same book. is owned and operated by Pop Regalia, LLC on behalf of Michael Bush.

Michael Bush on the New York Times Square Jumbotron

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Dressing Michael Jackson

by Michael Bush

Elle Magazine ArticleMichael Jackson’s image was as much a work of art as the man himself. Through his music, dance, and fashion, he created a mystique that engaged the senses and intoxicated the soul. Michael was the visionary of his style, and we were members of his cadre: a team of creatives that he personally assembled to help him bring his idea of himself into physical reality. The protectors of his presentation, we, as his personal stylists and exclusive designers for close to twenty-five years, learned through a unique creative process how to channel Michael’s thoughts, wishes, and philosophies to create clothing that would symbolize what he stood for. The King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson is the first-ever pictorial compilation of the evolution of that process — a visual adventure of our work together.

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The King of Style is a collectable, commemorative masterpiece designed to offer fans a glimpse of a side of Michael that they didn’t know before. Through our working relationship and friendship with Michael, we are able to share his personal philosophies, which were always reflected in his style. In The King of Style, stunning never-before-seen photographs are accompanied by endearing untold stories to capture Michael Jackson’s true essence.

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