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Dressing Michael Jackson by Michael Bush
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Michael BushAbout Michael Bush

For 25 years, Los Angeles based costume designer Michael Bush, together with his partner Dennis Tompkins, who passed away in December 2011, created most of Michael Jackson's personal and concert tour wardrobes — tens of thousands of original pieces.

Tompkins began his entertainment career as an ice dancer, and worked in the costume department at ABC on shows such as "General Hospital." Tompkins was working on the 1985 production of "Captain EO," a science fiction short film starring Jackson that was directed by Francis Ford Coppola and produced by George Lucas, when Jackson discovered Tompkins' talent for making pants cut specifically for dancers. Bush joined the "Captain EO" production soon after Tompkins, and after the project wrapped, the pair began making costumes for Jackson to wear in his music videos.

Their unconventional career provided them with the unique opportunity to work creatively with one of the world's greatest entertainers, and through the medium of clothing help him express the artistic style that made him a cultural icon.

In addition to their work for Michael Jackson, Tompkins and Bush designed costumes for Britney Spears, including the red jumpsuit that she donned in the classic "Oops I Did It Again" video, as well as pieces for Elizabeth Taylor and Denzel Washington's wife Pauletta.

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